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Tricia, Pangasinan

Posted by Mike Gordon on

When I decided to be a stay at home mom, I have thought of finding a home-based job. During my application to different companies offering online jobs, I have a lot of fears and worries- that I might find a company which will not pay me for the hours I have worked for, that I might find an employer who is not employee oriented and of course I might not find a long-term job. When a good friend referred me to work for Greylock Resources, my perception was changed, this company proved me wrong about my worries and fears on being employed home based. This company made me believes that there is a company that pays on time, that gives flexible working hours, company that cares for us and our families. Words cannot express how thankful I am being employed at Greylock, this is my source of income which brings food to our table, not to mention that we have a very kind and understanding boss too! I know I can’t find this kind of employer anywhere so for if Greylock Resources wants my services, I would definitely stay.”

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